Posted by: oneyearbook | March 9, 2009

Bookstores of note

A great story here (at the Guardian, which I find has a lot of really interesting book coverage), about Shakespeare and Company, the Parisian bookstore well-known for its support of penniless writers and readers. (Link via BooksInq.) I’ve always wanted to visit and now that I know they have a ‘writer’s room’ I have a hankering to go there and write. Gotta be published first, I see.

I do have a thought that I should approach some of the local booksellers (and there are a lot) when I’m partway along in the book about doing a public writing (as opposed to a public reading). They could install me somewhere in the store for a day, or a week, whichever, and I would write in public. Perhaps there are readers out there interested in seeing a writer at work, although it would probably work better as a publicity stunt for the stores if anybody knew my name. I could also read from the book’s progress each day, and blog from the store, and so on … I might go and see that if it was happening at a local bookstore, although again, I’d be more likely to do so if it was a favorite author.

Not necessary: my sleeping at the store (although I suppose that might make it more interesting) and, as the article above describes, running across the road to use public showers and then back again to make spaghetti in a kettle.

Related: Monty Python finds the humour in writing under the public’s gaze.


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