Posted by: oneyearbook | March 6, 2009

Jobbing it

I meant to note this in my previous post about day jobs, but forgot: Joshua Ferris, debut author of a big bestseller, Then We Came to the End, talked about the relationship between his ex-job and his novel in the ‘Reading Group Guide’ at the end of my paperback copy. (Unrelated, but I find it weird when books have those in them.)

The interviewer tells him that his observations about office life “ring so true. Were you working in an office setting when you wrote the book? Or … did it all come to you after you let your office life?”

Ferris replies: “After. M uch, much after … initial versions of my book were top-heavy with complaint … only after a certain remove – in fact, only after I had settled into the relatively solitary routine of a writer – did I realize that office life has a lot to offer … I sort of became, to my surprise, nostalgic for it. Only then did I see that work wasn’t all misery.”

Not that he’s saying he couldn’t handle a day job, exactly, but interesting that he couldn’t handle writing about his specific job until he wasn’t there anymore.


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