Posted by: oneyearbook | February 28, 2009

Writer’s groups

I don’t know what to think about writer’s groups. Should I try to find one? Do I need the moral support, the early readers? If so, should I look for an Internet one or one in my hometown? I’ve never tried one out before – although getting my bachelor’s degree was similar, as all the classes were workshop-format and we shared critiques and commentary on each other’s work. But I didn’t always find that very inspiring, or filled with moral support.

Plus, I don’t know how one would go about finding the right one to join … would there be a writing sample passed out before I was admitted entrance, and possibly rejection, if the group didn’t feel my writing fit in? Or, the other way around, would I get in and find that the style of the group didn’t suit me at all? It seems like there could be some positives (especially the outside pressure to produce, to have some writing to actually read) but I wonder if the negatives are heavier.



  1. Hi Cat,

    I’m certainly no authority on the subject, not having previously written anything, but in my case if I’d had my novel critiqued early in it’s (so far) four year creation I may not have writtten it at all. It may have been a better novel but a better unwritten novel is still unwritten.

    I’m almost through the second round of editing and now that the novel is more or less fully formed criticism will be invaluable in the final stages of editing. I think that writers support early may be helpful for some people but for me it would have been a disaster.

    My feeling is that the early voice is best coming from yourself, that’s going to make you unique as an author.


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