Posted by: oneyearbook | February 28, 2009


Books books books

Zee precious

According to wikipedia, there is such a thing as an addiction to owning books, although they don’t mention an addiction to borrowing books. It’s called bibliomania. I imagine it’s not a very nice thing to have, but the word itself is nice-sounding: bib-li-o-ma-ni-a, it’s all those perky little i’s and the bouncy o in the middle. It sounds optimistic and fun.
There’s also book-eating (bibliophagy), book-stealing (bibliokleptomania, which I imagine might be an offshoot of bibliomania proper), and, most interestingly, bibliotaphy, compulsive book-burying. I can understand eating them – some of the language of reading involves appetite metaphors, like you might say that you consumed a book yesterday – and stealing, well, people will be obsessed with stealing pretty much anything. But burying them? Do the sufferers find the contents so offensive that they have to metaphorically kill, and then bury, them? Google is not being helpful on this one.


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